Hi! I’m Cynthia Gough, artist of heart, body, and soul.

Have you been trying to do all the logical things you think you’re supposed to, just to get by? Are bills piling up, kids spreading chaos, and depression and anxiety kicking in? Do you feel like you spend all your energy just to keep afloat?

Is there really MORE to life?

People talk about joy, abundance, gratitude, and this prosperity thing? How is that possible when there’s all this crap surrounding you? Are you spinning your wheels but seem like you’re going nowhere.

Is there really more?

I’m here to take you by the hand and say, YES!

You’re a light. You are meant for JOY. And you know this.

You’ve got dreams. You KNOW there’s more for you. Your passions do NOT need to take the back burner… You CAN share all the colors of YOU with your family and the world, while also being SO supported with the needs and desires and resources you need to move forward.

And the key is CREATIVITY

Yes, art is healing. Creation is key to release the junk and embrace a new reality. One where YOU get to live in JOY, SUPPORT, and PROSPERITY in all areas of your life. And YOU know how! You don’t have to be an “artist” to tap into the power of ART. In order to create the vision you’re desiring for your life, you need to tap into your right brain, your creative side. And activate your abundance with your creative energy. Yes, it’s true! And YES, you can do this! Let me guide you along your journey of peace, clarity, and creation.

“What I found was exciting – when I drew something, there really was something in my drawing to interpret and find deeper meaning. I also figured out that I can draw in spite of the blocks I feel there and I was given an idea of how to further look into the blocks!” Maghann B.

Thank you Cynthia for being so inspired and tapping directly into my energy in such a creative and personal way. Jennifer L.

I can’t believe how much this program has changed my life. I have never ached to create art before. I have discovered a new role in my life, an artist. I am so grateful for the wings this program has given me. Aleisha C.

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