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I'm Cynthia Gough

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I’ve been an artist all through my life, and even gpainting skiesot my Bachelor’s degree in art. Art has saved my life! How do I know? Because I learned the difference between doing no art and having no creativity for a time, to now creating art everyday. And my life has drastically changed for the better because of tapping into creativity.

You see, after painting and drawing up a storm while in college I graduated when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child. And while I was yes, in major creation mode creating a baby inside, and building my family. For 9 years I didn’t do hardly any art or creative expression. After I had my first and second child, I suffered from Postpartum Depression. Every night after the kids went to bed, I was in such internal pain that I gorged myself on ice cream, chocolate, cookies, anything! In front of the TV watching some useless show or movie.

Being AuthenticAt the height of my depression, I even contemplated ramming my car into the concrete divider, because, I figured, “What was the point?!?” I can’t live like THIS!! Thankfully, I didn’t go through with it, but as you can tell, I had no place for creating art. Something that used to bring me such JOY as a child and a teenager was now something I couldn’t even fathom. I couldn’t even go there!

During the later part of this 9 year artistic drought, things got worse. Some heart-wrenching things happened, and my husband lost his job 3 times in less than a year! We were hit HARD emotionally, spiritually, and financially. In the middle of this particular year, I incredibly got to a point where I would explode if I didn’t get something out. As you can see to the left, I did some art to get some of my anger out… It felt good to release some emotions in that way.. But I didn’t make the connection at the time, and didn’t do any more art until several months later.

Because of our deep debt and financial hardship, I was trying everything! Crunching numbers, cutting our budget… but a budget can only cut so far. So I knew we needed to receive more money, even just to pay the bills. And I knew I had some passions I wanted to get out into the world. I even heard about all the manifesting and law of attraction stuff, and was trying my best to “think positively” but I was spinning circles, going nowhere.

At the end of this horrible year, and my 9 year art drought, I decided that I wanted to create a new reality, and that if I committed to do some art everyday, perhaps maybe, my life could be different. BOY! Was that an understatement!

As I started to do a 5 minute drawing each day, my life was opened up to amazing things! Opportunities opened up to me! I partnered myself with The Master Creator, who I call my Heavenly Father, to create a life we BOTH desired. I was inspired with so many ideas and processes that could help others tap into all that they desire by tapping into creativity.


I learned the about the connection of creativity and healing and manifesting. I also learned energy clearing methods using artistic exercises and other emotional release techniques and training. I learned how to manifest prosperity using attraction principals, vision boarding, and my Creative Manifesting Process.

The depression was gone, and JOY took its place. And pretty soon, more money came in! I could actually pay my bills! Then I could actually pay off debts! We paid off 8 debts in 6 months!! I saw that financial peace is not a myth, that it’s actually POSSIBLE and DOABLE! And now my business is growing from my passions of art and helping people in their own creative breakthrough processes.

Sounds crazy right?

Have you been trying to do all the logical things to make more money, or even just to get by? Like crunching numbers and cutting your budget? Or even looked into this manifesting or attracting prosperity thing? But nothing seems to work? You’re spinning your wheels but going nowhere?

You’re on the right track with manifesting money, it works! But you need to tap into the creative side. Unlock prosperity through art.

To learn more about my creative breakthrough and manifesting processes, and how healing art within your space can activate the abundance you seek, go to my services page here.




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