The War of Art

by Cynthia on July 9, 2013

the-war-of-artI recently finished reading “The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles,” by Steven Pressfield. I loved it! It was an awesome book, and really solidified (enough to take action) what I’ve been learning in the past 2 years. That I need to break through the blocks and resistances, and continue taking action day by day. (Because resistance really hates action in a positive direction.)

Pressfield also talked about letting God and angels and muses work through you. If you just get out of your own way, and take action (sit down and paint everyday in my case) then that’s when miracles happen, and something amazing happens with your art. (whatever your art may be: painting, writing, acting, singing, being a mother, a father, or an entrepreneur of any kind.)

Since I’m almost 6 months pregnant at this time, I especially liked what Pressfield said on page 156:

As the mother-to-be bears her child within her, so the artist or innovator contains her new life…

The mother and the artist are watched over by heaven. Nature’s wisdom knows when it’s time for the life within to switch from gills to lungs. It knows down to the nanosecond when the first tiny fingernails may appear…

The artist and the mother are vehicles, not originators. They don’t create the new life, they only bear it. This is why birth is such a humbling experience. The new mom weeps in awe at the little miracle in her arms. She knows it came out of her but not from her, through her but not of her.

When the artist … reveres heaven. She aligns herself with the mysterious forces that power the universe and that seek, through her, to bring forth new life. By doing her work for its own sake, she sets herself at the service of these forces.

Remember, as artists we don’t know diddly. We’re winging it everyday. For us to try to second-guess our Muse the way a hack second guesses his audience is condescension to heaven. It’s blasphemy and sacrilege.

Instead let’s ask ourselves like that new mother: What do I feel growing inside me? Let me bring that forth, if I can, its own sake and not for what it can do for me or how it can advance my standing.

Isn’t that an awesome way to put it?? “What do I feel growing inside me? Let me bring that forth!!!”

And that’s just what I’m doing! Not only will I be having a baby in 3 months… But I’m working on some exciting things right now, and most importantly… I’m actually creating! I’ve been working on getting up early (before my kids) to create some art. And it’s been wonderful to be in that space!

And resistance sure is trying to kick my butt, making me think I need to sleep in… but I keep trucking away… Thanks Steven Pressfield and “The War of Art” I think I’m winning this war one day at a time!!



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Julie July 10, 2013 at 11:20 pm

I’m bringing it forth. Great article. :)


Judy Garey July 11, 2013 at 2:15 am

Wow, that’s awesome! Congratulations on the new baby. :-)


Yemima July 11, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Congratulations on the new baby. Love Pressfield view…


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