*Bundle* Group Art Session AND Surprise HeART Message Drawing

*Bundle* Group Art Session AND Surprise HeART Message Drawing


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As an empowering artist and creationary guide, I'm always looking for ways to activate creativity, connection, and flow with people. (No, you don't have to be an artist to experience this.) 

I'm really excited to share two exciting new things with you that will activate your money flows and provide some beautiful support for your soul.

Invitation #1 is all about opening up your money flows in a Group Art Session. 

You don't need to be an artist. 

You don't need to be in person as this will be on Zoom. 

You just need the willingness to let go, receive, and play with me as your guide. 

You'll have your markers or colored pencils and I'll guide you through my Creationary Healing Method, which is a powerful process that leaves you feeling SO clear and empowered. It POWERFULLY activates the energy of what you're creating in physical form. 

In this particular session, we'll be clearing blocks and limiting beliefs and you'll pave the way to activate more abundance, prosperity and what you truly desire to create around YOUR experience with money. 

This is only $22 and will be on August 30 at 11:00am Mountain time. If you can't attend live, I'll provide a recording. 

Keep reading to see how you can get this in a bundle deal. 

Invitation #2 is a HeART message drawing, which activate and support what you’re creating into your space, but there’s a twist....

The twist here is that I will intuitively pick one of the many drawings I have in my stack, with the intention that it’ll be JUST the message you needed to see and hear. Just like you may have experienced through my HeART Message Card deck.

Your drawing will come with a 12x16 white mat, typed messages that go with, and shipped with care to you. So you won’t know what HeART message drawing you’ll get until it comes to your door! 

But come it will with lots of love and light, and with every intention that it will be JUST the perfect HeART message for YOU!

So since I’m doing it this way, the exciting part is that it is only $22! There is also a limit of 20 drawings at this time. I’ll have this available for only 5 days (Until midnight on Aug 28th) or until I get 20 orders, whichever comes first. (I will ship everything after Labor Day)

You’ve seen many of these HeART message drawings on Instagram and Facebook, but there’s also many amazing ones that I haven’t posted. This will be an exciting experiment in trust to see which one goes to who!

The other exciting news is that if you purchase both together as a bundle… The surprise HeART Message Drawing AND the Activation Group Art Session, the bundle price is $33 for BOTH!

THIS is where you purchase the bundle

Let’s create the life you desire with ART!

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