Money Activation Group Art Session

Money Activation Group Art Session


This is all about opening up your money flows in a Recorded Group Art Session. 

You don't need to be an artist. 

You don't need to be in person as this is a recording.

You just need the willingness to let go, receive, and play with me as your guide. 

You'll have your markers or colored pencils and I'll guide you through my Creationary Healing Method, which is a powerful process that leaves you feeling SO clear and empowered. It POWERFULLY activates the energy of what you're creating in physical form. 

In this particular session, we'll be clearing blocks and limiting beliefs and you'll pave the way to activate more abundance, prosperity and what you truly desire to create around YOUR experience with money. 

This is only $22 and I’ll send you the video. Please have paper and preferably markers (crayons or colored pencils work too!) on hand before you start watching.

This is what one woman said about what happened after her experience:

I absolutely loved Cynthia's group session. I could feel so much shifting from the very first activity. I was releasing old stories and thoughts and it was huge to just get them out. It was also simple! I loved her visualization and what it opened up for me. I really could sense that I was stepping into a space of allowing more abundance. Not less than 2 hours later I got a phone call that would bring about abundance for me and many other people that I love and care about. It couldn't have been better timing!”

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